Matthias Romir

Der Beinahpoet

Show · Street Show · 30–40 minutes

The Beinahpoet is a cheeky and charming young man with a flat cap and suitcase. Once the audience has gathered round, he opens his suitcase and the street becomes his stage. The artist whips up excitement with wannabe poetry and wannabe rock ‘n’ roll – wannabe star guests included. The focus of this circle show is Matthias Romir’s extraordinary juggling with Diabolo, balls and clubs, presented with wacky humour and musical timing – just so long as nothing more important happens; on the street no two shows are the same, and life provides the best stories.

This show has been on the road from Austria to Mexico since 2006. It’s the classic in Matthias Romir’s repertoire and can be played anytime, anywhere. Designed to be a mobile show, the Beinahpoet requires no stage or technology whatsoever; he has everything he needs right there and can just get on with the show. The show can, of course, be adapted to the stage.


“Wonderful images for the eyes and ears” (Memminger Zeitung)

“A show at which no one could stop laughing” (Volksblatt Würzburg)

“A charming virtuoso…A must-see for all friends of good street theatre” (Schaffhauser Nachrichten)